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            Visa Invitation

            Location:Home > ExhibitorExhibition Booth Cost

            Exhibitor Fee

            Standard Booth

            Luxury Booth

            Raw Space





            Minimum rental area: 36m2.

            No facilities provided.

            The booth should be built and decorated by exhibitors.

            Management fee of RMB 50/m2.

            USD 2,800

            USD 3,600

            USD 3,200

            USD 4,000

            USD 280/m2

            Note: (RMB 500 added for each double-open booth.)  

            1. Standard Booth: 3m×3m or 3m×4m, including three or four white surrounding boards (height: 2.5m),

            one table, two chairs, two spot lights, fascia in Chinese and English, trash can, carpet, light socket (500w).

            2. Luxury Booth: Except above facilities,

            the booth will be uniformly decorated in a luxurious way

            to show the strength and image of the exhibitors.