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            Visa Invitation

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            How to Attract Visitors

            1. 150,000 invitations, fair tickets and bulletins will be sent, and industry insiders will be contracted by individual visit, phone, fax, cellophane message, email, etc.

            2. Delegates were invited from trade development councils at home and abroad. And the people in charge of Planning & Construction Bureau, Tourism Bureau and related organizations, real estate, garden landscape companies, municipal companies, etc.

            3. We will Invite domestic and foreign investment developers, construction supervision units of construction engineering, city construction, petrochemical, fire control, etc; engineering designers of real estate, gardening and landscape companies, construction decoration companies, municipal corporations; agents, distributors, association representatives, etc.

            4. The promotion and press conferences twill be held to advertise our exhibition at similar exhibitions all over the world

            5. Cooperating with related associations, websites and magazines, both in foreign and domestic, to showcase the superior products and huge market of facade, waterproofing and heat preservation industry in China and to introduce this grand exhibition to attract global buyers.


            Visitors Profile

            Real estate investors, hotel & resort investors, building engineering companies, gardening companies, manufacturers, roof & Facade contractors, distributors, wholesalers, buyers from tourism and resort zone,etc.


            Government agencies, Bureau of Urban Planning, Bureau of Urban Utilities and Landscaping, Professionals from green roof institutes, Solar Energy Association, Delegates from trade development organizations & embassies,etc.