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            China’s Roof Tile Industry to Usher in a New Era of Quality

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            By Rooftile China Committee In order to upgrade “Made in China” to “Created in China”, the Chinese government is now vigorously tackling overcapacity. It is expected that a large number of zombie companies, env

            By Rooftile China Committee

            In order to upgrade “Made in China” to “Created in China”, the Chinese government is now vigorously tackling overcapacity. It is expected that a large number of zombie companies, environment-polluting factories, and manufacturers with low-quality products will be shut down during 2017. This government action is going to have an extensive influence over various sectors, including roof tile industry, which means that Chinese roof tile companies are transforming to green and high-quality development. 
            According to the Central Economic Work Conference held this December, in an attempt to step up efforts to forge China into the “World Manufacturing Power”, the government is going to strongly encourage Chines enterprises to make technological innovations, actively engage in international market competition, build their won brands and explore the high-end market.  
            Companies which can survive this reduction in overcapacity may be leaders of China’s roof tile industry. If you want to meet with China’s top suppliers of roof tile and equipment, please put in your schedule the 7th China Rooftile & Technology Exhibition (Rooftile China 2017), one of the most professional rooftile trade fair in China! Here are partial renowned exhibitors of Rooftile China 2017 for your reference!
            A photo of Rooftile China 2016
            Vast Union Guangzhou Packing Co., Ltd.
            Website: http://www.vupltd.com/en/company.asp
            −As a professional manufacturer of compound packaging materials
            −Supported by over twenty years technical know-how and client-serving experiences, they provides expertise in manufacturing and services for compound materials, printing and coating on metals, plastics and paper, as well as plastic modifying.
            −Their product are not only well received in China domestic market, but also in United States, Europe, and South-east Asia.
            Products of Vast Union Guangzhou Packing
            Foshan Ketelong Building Materials Co., Ltd.
            Website: http://www.ketelong.com/
            −Established in 1988, Ketelong is is a large-scale enterprise producing and selling PC series products, such as PC sheets, PC embossed sheets, PC sun panels, PC lighting shields, PC acrylic sheets, TAC sheets, bathtub sheets, PC clear corrugate sheets, etc.
            −All their products are the best sellers in domestic market and exported worldwide, such as South America, Southeast Asia, etc.
            −Their products have found wide application in all trades including architecture lighting, greenhouses, gymnasiums and swimming pool covers, transportation infrastructures, workshops, hotel atrium, sound insulation walls, etc.
            Foshan Ketelong Building Materials Co., Ltd.
            Xinhangcheng Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd.
            Website: http://www.jmxhc.com/index.html
            −Xinhangcheng Environmental Protection Material is a professional manufacturer of roofing materials.
            −Their products posses the merits of long durability, environmental friendliness, heat insulation, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, waterproofing and fire proofing, etc. 
            −Their products are widely applied to industry plants, factories, civil architectures,  warehouses, wholesale markets, farmer's market, etc.

            Foshan Haili Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
            Website: http://www.fshaili.com/index.html
            −After 18 years of development, Foshan Haili Plastic Products has become one of the leading manufacturer of PE fabric in China.
            −Their main products include multicolor PE fabric, anti-UV PE fabric, PE membrane, PE tarpaulin, PP & PET straps, various kinds of plastic bags, etc.
            −The core competitiveness of their products springs from their high quality testified by ISO9001 and RoHS and their high coat-performance ratio. 
            Foshan Haili Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
            If you want to know more about Rooftile China 2017 or our exhibitors, please follow our website or twitter. Applications of exhibitors or visitors are also welcome.
            The 7th China Rooftile & Technology Exhibition (Rooftile China 2017)
            Date: May 12th-14th, 2017
            Venue: Poly World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou, China
            Contact Person: Sarah      
            Mobile: +86 13539992305 
            E-mail: winnie0516@hotmail.com;roofchina2017@yeah.net